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Welcome to commodity-option-training.com.

Please feel free to read the Commodity and Option Basics sections. In addition to the basic training, there are sites I recommend to learn more advanced techniques.

Have you ever wanted to learn to trade commodities?... Or, perhaps you trade commodities now, but wish to test different techniques?

Well, there's a new service that lets you test, track and "fake-trade" commodity futures and options with... ZERO Financial RlSK! Makes traditional paper-trading obsolete!

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Whether it is commodity option trading or straight futures, I believe that trading is more science than art. There are certain formulas and cycles that occur over and over again.

In futures options, we might buy low volatility and sell high volatility. This gives an immediate edge.

In straight futures, there are certain chart patterns that occur over and over again. The most basic and most reliable of them all is based on mathematics. It can pinpoint key turning points in markets and foresee tops and bottoms.

It is called Fibonacci. This is everywhere in nature and in commodity chart patterns as well. CLICK HERE


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